About me

Me, myself and I

Hello Internet ! My name is Vincent Le Goualher, I am 30 years old and I currently work as a data scientist in Paris. My job involves analysing datasets, visualizing trends, using machine learning to model phenomena and building/deploying applications to predict behaviors or make decisions. So far, I have worked in several domains, namely public health and financial services. Unsurprinsingly, I am a heavy user of Python tools such as pandas, PyTorch, PySpark and many others. But I am also a big fan of R’s Tidyverse, ggplot2 and Shiny, as well as a few other tools. I am passionate about my field and more generally about maths and computer science.

I created this website to archive methods and code that might be useful to other people, including future me. All the content is under MIT license. The source code can be found on GitHub.


My resume is available below, both in English and French. Download may take up to a minute.